The idea and concept behind Junk Cars San Diego originated out of necessity. Locating a source for selling used cars that was dependable, reliable and, most importantly honest and fair was impossible to find. Therefore our founder, an avid car enthusiast, set out to construct a place where individuals seeking to sell their used junk cars would be treated fairly and where customer satisfaction is guaranteed. There needed to be a service that not only paid and hauled away junk cars but also recycled them with the environment in mind. A comprehensive solution was born in the name of Junk Cars San Diego.

Our clientele avoid the timely process associated with add placement as well as the over-inflated prices normally incurred when dealing with advertising. Junk Cars San Diego lets you avoid the hassle of screening countless offers. We have built an impressive data base, ensuring a quick and profitable sale for your used vehicle. When utilizing Junk Cars San Diego, you accomplish your financial goal in a timely and secure manner.

Unlike our competitors, we care about our customers as well as the environment. Junk Cars San Diego takes pride in our recycling services and has created solid relationships with our community. Because 85% of an automobile is recyclable, we work with scrap metal yards as well as adhering to environmental safety guidelines for proper disposal of harmful chemicals i.e. motor oil, antifreeze, petrol.

In addition to being environmentally conscientious, Junk Cars San Diego continuously monitors industry pricing, ensuring you receive a fair price for your car. Our customers benefit from our extensive years of industry knowledge while having access to a large community of automobile buyers, which results in a speedier sale turnaround while yielding a higher selling price. Junk Cars San Diego has emerged as the leader in used car sales while keeping the customers best interest in mind.